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Where good health starts within!

We are an intimate Studio specialising in all aspects of Pilates Mat & Reformer Classes combining Aerial Yoga & Restorative Yoga Classes.  We also offer Weight Loss and Personal Training Sessions tailored to you.

Our classes hold a limited number of clients per class so we can service you each time.  Class numbers hold 4, 6 & 12 participants, so we can work closely with you to assist you with your goals and/or injuries further allowing you to discover important issues about your body and help you to relax and breathe which will strengthen your core and stimulate your central nervous system, further relieving stress from your body.

We teach the traditional Pilates Method of Joseph Pilates, teaching you the important principles of breathing and core isolation, further preparing you for Equipment classes and Aerial & Suspension Fitness.

After working in the Health and Fitness industry for 25 years, I have seen many things come and go and also new programs in 2015 evolve from classes that I started teaching over 20 years ago.

I am passionate about Health and Fitness and love helping clients achieve what they may have thought was not possible and love helping them with their personal health and fitness goals.

My staff and I work each week with you to help set new goals whether it is improving you posture or core strength, Weight loss or health and nutrition improvements or improving your overall fitness or strength.

New Pilates clients need to attend Mat classes or Private sessions before entering Equipment classes. New Aerial Yoga clients need to attend Fundamentals Beginners sessions before entering Aerial Classes.

Working with your mind and body, our programs are designed to get you the best results each week.  Where good health starts within!


We have the best Pilates / fitness facility in South Australia!

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