“I have been doing Pilates circuit & reformer classes at Adelaide Pilates Studio since 2007, which I enjoy immensely. Just late last year I took the plunge to take my fitness to the next level by joining a Cardio Reformer class. Boy! What a journey it has been!

Trish has an amazing knack of making you feel you can do anything. She pushes you to keep improving but not so that you don’t want to come back.
She is extremely motivational & continually tells you are doing a great job even though some days, deep down, you know you didn’t!

Trish then encouraged me to take another step to help weight loss and further improve my fitness. The program that Trish promotes seems to be working very well for me and I just love my PT sessions with her and having lost nearly 10 kg, I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

I am not a very self-disciplined person and I respond well, like most of us, to attention and encouragement ( like a little school kid) and Trish focuses solely on your performance and is very intuitive to the level you are at. I find Trish very inspirational as she continually seeks new knowledge to improve herself and her business which she enjoys passing onto us (her clients)

Her knowledge of Pilates knows no bounds and I love the fact that not a week goes by that we don’t get to try something new. I am really excited to see just how far I can go as I have not been within my recommended BMI range since my twenties and Trish makes me feel I can achieve it and with her behind me , I feel positive that I can.
Thank you Trish, I couldn’t do it without you, you are a Legend!!”

Gill, Jan 2015

“A back injury left me with chronic pain, so my doctor advised I take up Pilates. That was years ago and I’ve never looked back. Trish and her colleagues have guided my fitness and strength program, building on my strengths and improving where I’m weak. I now have good core strength to support my low back, better balance, more erect posture, and improved cardiovascular performance. Now we are focusing on getting my weight down, slowly and surely. Since starting on Trish’s nutrition and exercise program 6 weeks ago I’ve lost just over 2 kg, dropped a dress size, feel energised and I’m ready to face the challenge of the Silly Season knowing that my regime is now a habit that I can sustain. I am pretty self-directed, but I’ve found it’s great to have someone as a guide. I value every minute that I spend at InsideOut, whatever program I’m doing, and I recommend it without reservation.”

Verna, Dec 2014

“I started at Inside Out studio on Magill Road one year ago and I have had the most amazing year since. It has changed my life. I have always been focused on fitness however was only running. I hated gyms so strengthening was never in my routine. Trish and the girls now put me through focused core strengthening exercises and my body shape has noticeably changed as a result. My chiropractor now comments on my muscle definition and how my lower back has strengthened. I mix my week up with reformer, studio and mat classes which give differing aspects, all of which I love and look forward to every week. The classes are small and diverse and you never feel intimidated. Inspirational, motivating, life changing are but a few words I can say about Inside Out.”

Sandra, Oct 2014

“Inside Out Health Studio saved my mobility. After a car accident, Trish came to the rescue with weekly Pilates private sessions to improve my core strength, relieve my back pain and get me back to the active life I had enjoyed prior to the accident. Several years later, I continue my weekly sessions of Pilates Mat, Reformer and Pilates Cardio. Trish and her team are sincere, compassionate, dedicated and some of the toughest instructors I have had the pleasure of working with. Trish is always happy and focused to ensure her clients are cared for and satisfied.

I wholeheartedly recommend anyone give Inside Out Health Studio an opportunity to improve their wellbeing.”


“I have been attending InsideOut health studio for a number of years. Trish and her wonderful team of pilates instructors have been invaluable to my strength/muscle building and general health.
Whether you are doing a reformer class or a circuit, the instructors cater to your individual strengths and weaknesses.
Safety is of utmost importance. Good, clear instructions to ensure that everyone is performing with the correct technique to prevent injuries.
The atmosphere is always warm and friendly. Equipment is of high quality. Lots of variation to suit all levels of fitness and age.
I wholeheartedly recommend Trish and her team to any prospective client.”

Adelaide, 28 August, 2013

“I have been coming to InsideOut to work with Trish and her team for a few years now and I must say I don’t like to miss any of my classes.

I get a full brain/body workout which includes working on the improvement of my co-ordination, balance, suppleness and strength and it makes me feel great even though I am working with a 70 year old body which sometimes complains! I can feel my posture getting better all the time. Really standing taller.

Trish and her team are terrific teachers and they really encourage individual improvement with their care and attention.

Coming to the classes has the added bonus for me of meeting up with all the other friendly participants at each class.

Thank you Trish and InsideOut.”

Sandra, December 2013

“Trish and Monique at Inside Out know just how to pitch the classes to get the best out of us. Its a fabulous way of building strength and fitness in a smooth and controlled way. My posture and core strength are improving all the time!”

Susan, December 2013

“I have been doing Pilates Reformer with InsideOut Health Studio since Trish started the business in 2004. It has given me what I really want from exercise and helped me to stay supple and strong. As my Daughter said when I took her to one of Trish’s classes when she visited Adelaide for a few days – I have never had so much fun exercising

Jill, August 2013

“I was recently diagnosed with Osteoporosis at the age of 43 through a number of injuries I had as a teenager and also through bad diet and lack of calcium. My muscles ached and back and neck very tight and tense. I knew nothing about Pilates and it was recommended by my Doctor and Dietician. After starting in Feburary 2012 I have more movement through my muscles and my neck is not as tense, plus my posture has improved. I feel so much better and after starting with Mat I am now trying Reformer and Studio Equipment to challenge myself further. The staff at InsideOut are amazing and so interested in my progress.”


“I used to workout regularly in gyms and lost the plot when I became stressed through work and personal reasons.

I tried rejoining but became unmotivated to exercise on my own. Trish has taught me a great deal on a balanced diet and exercise program and I have lost 20kgs over 12 weeks.

I feel great now and continue to work with Trish and also include Pilates which I thought was only for girls – wrong!”