Our Group Fitness classes are a blend of strength & cardio incorporating weights, bands, equipment and your own body weight. All fitness classes challenge the body in so many ways, working all different areas, improving core strength, fitness, flexibility and muscular power and endurance.

No 2 classes are ever the same, as we work closely with you to help you see and feel the changes and progressions you have made in your body. No pre-requisite is required. All Ages and fitness levels are welcome.

Please wear your sandshoes (sneakers) for this class.


Challenge yourself at your pace!
This full-body STRENGTH and FITNESS class will increase your fitness whilst toning and strengthening your body at the same time with short bursts of intensity.
Let us motivate you to take the challenge and help you achieve your own individual fitness goals.

This program is designed to suit all fitness levels.
Please wear your sandshoes (sneakers) for this class.


Get fitter, faster and stronger with Boxing. Burn fat and reduce stress whilst working on balance, co-ordination and strength. Your mind will become sharper in thinking and more alert with the drills used in boxing classes.

This class is for all levels, including Beginners that have never done any Group Fitness or Boxing classes before. All exercises are modified to suit your level as we help you progress each week so you notice, see and feel the difference.