The New You – How will nutrition sessions help me?

Our program is called “New You” on purpose, because you will love the new you. Our sessions combine food and dietary lifestyle changes to help restore the body’s natural energy systems, prevent illness and refine overall health. Our Founder Trish McNicholl has helped so many people in her 30 years of experience and you can be one of them.

Your Nutrition consult sessions are an affordable easy to follow 30 to 90 day program, where you eat real food, there is no shakes, there is no intensive exercise just movement and you think clearer, your energy will go up and your aches and pains will go away and if weight loss is your goal, you will have quicker fat loss, focusing on the right foods, tailored to you. If you have been struggling with your weight and your uncomfortable with your clothes, let us help you reach your goals and enjoy the New You.

You will be guided all the way, you are never on your own as we support you all the way.
We monitor your progress 2-3 times per week to keep you on track and provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions whilst implementing these changes. You have 24/7 access to your dedicated coach, to help answer any questions you may have.

1st session – week 1

We address any health issues or concerns to gain an insight into your body’s present condition in nutrition choices, lifestyle changes and mental strengths and weaknesses.  You will be required to write down your week’s eating routine in order for us to organise your new, personalised menu.  We are in contact with you at least twice during this first week to help answer any questions and keep you on track.

2nd session – week 2

We have had an opportunity to review your information and now we discuss the plan of action necessary for you to achieve better health, energy and longevity.  This discussion also provides information on exercise programming that fits into your daily lifestyle.  Both nutrition and exercise work in harmony and we help you to find the motivation within yourself to keep your own commitment to these new, easy, refreshing lifestyle changes. We are still in contact with you once during this week to help answer any questions and keep you on track.

3rd session – week 3

This week will include a food labelling session where you will gain a full understanding of how to read food labels and how to find out exactly what is in each product.  We are in contact with you once during this week.

4th session – week 4

Now that you have had an opportunity to feel and notice some of the changes (particularly with an increase in energy and sense of wellness) this session keeps you going and presents additional tips and food goodies for you to try. We are still in contact with you once during this fourth week to help keep you on track.

5th session – week 5 – follow-up, maintenance & review

We often get to week 4 and find newfound health and energy and, possibly, even weight loss and strength & fitness gains.  This is often the time that, as a result of these changes, you can revert back to your previous state, often finding you are back where you started.  These sessions keep you going and maintain what you have achieved and continue to provide you with further support and assistance with new ideas and suggestions of how to keep it off and stay in this present stage of health, longevity and vitality.

6th session – week 6 – monitoring & developing session

How to keep it off for life!

All sessions work towards building a solid foundation of fitness, health and longevity and maintaining your improvements both mentally and spiritually.

Also ask us about our group sessions and our ‘stay on track’ phone coaching sessions.

Develop a positive mindset of food and enjoy the variety.

For more information enquire within by phone or email, and also see our membership pricing structure where discounts apply to members and and also receive reward points.