Pilates Matwork Classes – Beginner to Advanced

Beginner Mat classes are essential for all new clients, particularly before entering equipment.

Learn our full repertoire of Pilates Mat Exercises as you work your way towards Reformer and Equipment based programs.

Classes provide a total body workout using your own body as resistance. Strengthen and tone your whole body with a specific focus on your abdominals and increase your spinal flexibility and mobility.

Mat classes consist of very gentle exercises done on a mat either a sitting or lying down position. The primary focus is on awareness of the spine, proper breathing, core strength & flexibility.

Classes can often use various pieces of equipment such as the Foam Roller, Magic Circle or Bands, to add further challenge or stretch the body as you progress into Intermediate Mat classes or Allegro Reformer.

Pilates Reformer Classes

This is a strong abdominal, arm and leg workout using our Allegro Reformer Machines offering spring loaded resistance with cables, pulleys, straps and bars to enhance your workout and extend from Pilates Mat exercises.

Also try our Cardio Reformer classes, aimed at improving fitness whilst strengthening and toning your whole body.

Pilates Apparatus Classes

Take your workouts to the next level with a full body challenging workout combining magic circles, rollers, therabands and fitballs. This class is guaranteed to improve you core strength and flexibility.

Cardio Reformer & Cardio Strength

A great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness and burn fat.

This class is a mix of cardio machines (Treadmill, Bike, Stepper, Rower) to improve your fitness in short 1-2 minute bursts, blended with the Allegro Reformer exercises and weights, bands and balls, to further strengthen and tone your body.

An invigorating interval training workout where you rest during recovery sections and a great way to start the day and end the week.

Private  & Semi Private Sessions

Gain an edge to your workouts working One on One with a Pilates Practitioner delivering a tailored program. You will experience a huge range of exercises which deliver results in 6 weeks and utilise equipment such as the Reformer, Trapeze, Cadillac, Circles etc.

All clients interested in joining our private Pilates sessions must complete a full postural analysis for us to gain an understanding of your individual health & fitness needs, together with establishing any areas of postural concerns, injuries or medical conditions we need to know.

*We offer beginner to advanced classes.