We offer the most comprehensive range of Pilates Programs in Adelaide, particularly our popular Group Reformer & Equipment classes, working on the Reformer Bed with cables, straps, pulleys and springs for added resistance and challenge.

Since starting in 2004, Adelaide Pilates Studio and InsideOut Health have been delivering Pilates programs for 14 years. Our Instructors are highly qualified, friendly and approachable and have 50 years combined experience in teaching all aspects of Pilates Mat, Reformer and Equipment programs.

We love what we do in helping our clients to reach their goals and work towards improving your energy, balance, flexibility and strength in a relaxed harmonious atmosphere as you learn Pilates.

Now with the addition of our Aerial Yoga & Fitness programs, our blend of classes compliment each other, offering you a variety of mind body techniques to improve your overall health and wellbeing including fitness, strength and flexibility.

This is one of our clients Jill performing the Plank Pushup on the Trapeze Table

Jill is 75 years old and performs this exercise with beautiful form showing great strength in her arms, core, back and legs. This photo shows us that it is never too late to exercise and anyone can start, at any age. Start slowly and at your pace, with good technique, control and precision.